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5 tips on how to reduce your stress today!

We are living in a constantly changing and fast paced world and often we can find it a struggle to keep up with it all. At times when we feel that situations or change are beyond our control, stress creeps in. While some stress can be beneficial, such as stress that motivates you to meet a deadline or perform well in a sporting event, long-term, untreated stress is linked to serious health concerns including depression, heart disease, obesity, and a weakened immune system, so its important to know how to reduce our stress! You will be amazed how the effect even a slight reduction in stress can have on your wellbeing both mentally and physically.

So here are 5 simple tips to stress less which you can start today! ·

  • Slow down: You will achieve more if you stop rushing around.

  • Reduce your to do list down to a realistic size and be present in each in task. ·

  • Breath work: Take time to sit and practise breath work as part of your day. ·

  • Introduce 1 health related commitment: Eat healthily by cutting down on added sugar and salt. Exercise by taking a walk-in nature or attend a yoga class online. ·

  • Reach out: Connect with supportive family and friends on a regular basis. ·

  • Adjust your environment: Clear away clutter, a tidy space will reduce anxiety levels. Add a scent to your space, use soothing essential oils like lavender and camomile.

Which one can you begin to work on today? For further support on how to manage your stress get in touch with me for a free 30 minute Consultation.

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