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5 SMART Steps to Regain your Motivation

Updated: May 16

The most common issue I am currently finding with my clients and most people I speak with to be honest, is the feeling of being totally overwhelmed with every aspect of their lives from their careers, businesses and health. This stems from everything going on in their busy day to day lives and complete lack of clarity as to what needs doing first, this resulting in the lack of any motivation to get things done.

While finding yourself on the hamster wheel of work and or home life, financial struggles and on top dealing with the current climate, it is easy for the days to quickly get away from us. While yes you find yourself constantly busy, you still feel that you have not achieved anything specific. As a result your motivation naturally takes a slide. The aim is to simplify your life and break down your goal's into smaller...yes I'm going to say it baby steps, most importantly making them really specific. The more specific we make your goals the easier you will find you can start to achieve each one. Most people who set goals, don't follow through with much thought possibly due to self limiting beliefs or just unsure what it is they are exactly working towards. I don't want that to happen to you!

So here is some quick laser coaching advice on how to regain you motivation by achieving your goals all be it baby steps...something is better than nothing and will increase your motivation to your next step.

I am sure most of you have heard of SMART goals. I highly recommend using SMART when setting goals as it is an effective and easy to use tool , helping you find the clarity, focus and motivation in achieving your goals.

What does SMART stand for

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achievable

R: Relevant

T: Timely


Your goal should be as clear and specific as possible. By keeping your goals simple and sensible makes them more achievable keeping you motivated. When setting Specific goals you need to ask yourself the following:

  • What is it that I need or aspire to achieve?

  • Why is this goal important to me?

  • How will I go about achieving them?


It is important to have measurable goals in order to track your progress while keeping you motivated. By assessing your ongoing progress will help you keep both focused and remaining positive as you move closer to your goals. To make your goal Measurable ask yourself the following questions:

  • What evidence will prove I am making headway in achieving my goal?

  • How will I know I have accomplished or achieved my goal?


When setting your goal you need to ensure that it is both realistic and achievable. Take into account possible time restraints, costs and ability when assessing if your goal is achievable. To asses if your goal is achievable answer these questions.

  • How can I realistically accomplish my goal?

  • How realistic is my goal based based on factors such as time restraints and finance?


This step of the SMART goal setting process is to ensure that the goals you are setting yourself are aligned with your values and relevant to your long term goals. You need to make sure that this goal really matters to you by asking yourself these questions.

  • Why is this goal important you?

  • By achieving this goal how will it help you?

  • How will it contribute to your longer term goals?


Lastly your goals needs to have an end date giving you a deadline to focus on and work towards. Keep your time line realistic so that you can accomplish in your goal within an achievable time frame. Your timely questions will be based on asking yourself these simple questions.

  • Do you have a time frame for your goal?

  • Can I achieve my goal in that time frame?

By using the SMART Goal framework you will have now found the clarity and focus needed to accomplish your goals. ls efficiently and effectively. And with each step the motivation to continue on your path to success and growth.

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